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Deep learning factory

for surveillance, security, industry automation, home service, robots...

Now AI is available to everyone and it is not expensive

Neural Networks is ready-made

and you can order new ones

For software & hardware developers

You can use our neural networks in your products to make it smarter

Windows, Linux, Android...

We complete both powerful computers and mini devices especially for AI

For any person

You can implement any idea with AI at home, in the office, at the factory ... Just invent it and let us realize! 


We will train your computer to do what you yourself are tired of.

You can use Intelligent surveillance right now!

The AI-future is already here!

SpeсLab for 23 years is ahead of the surveillance industry and at present has also a fully ready-made version of its own neural network for pattern recognition. Neural network itself has been invented for a long time, but finally, there are capacities of the household price range that are affordable.

Intelligent video surveillance

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