Neuralnet server - PC for intelligent surveillance with a neural network farm on board

High-precision neural networks require powerful hardware for high-quality pattern recognition. For example, AI from SpecLab is able to identify the objects in any position (front, back, standing, sitting, partially visible, in the dark, etc.) and – most importantly - in any interference environment. On the streets the play of the light and shadow gives such a picture that without serious neural networks cannot be recognized. And, if we want to understand useful objects, even if they only partially protrude from the bushes and other fences, our neural network must calculate billions of operations per second. 

Stop, somehow it turned out all tragic, but we wanted to say just the opposite – now artificial intelligence is available to everyone!

Just need a good piece of iron – oddly enough, a simple iron body with the right cords is not found in our market to build a reliable video server based on neural networks. For them we just need to insert a lot of video adapters into one computer. Like nVidia on Cuda-technology.  In fact, we need a small mining farm, only in the rack version. It is convenient for the big company ore smart city, as well as for any AI-task on intelligent surveillance.

And here the key word is - reliable, because a lot of homemade on the market. But video surveillance requires a configuration that will not force the user to pay attention every day. And we tried – we tested a lot of things until we came to our own version, which we called a Neuralnet server.

May be we've invented the Bicycle again! Well, or the case for a computer that you can not buy in our market. Cool or not?

Yes, we have a program that is able to distribute the load on the CPU cores and video adapters. That's probably cooler. We just put the software solution for intelligent surveillance in the finished box - now the user does not need to search equipment. In this Neuralnet server can be installed Intel I7 or I9 of the last generation, and on top of a specially created platform – up to seven graphics cards of any power and size. Such a PC can handle the most advanced neural network algorithms on 35 video channels for IP cameras.

In fact, we sell a complete solution based on artificial intelligence as a DVR: put and work!

At the same time, it can work not only with IP-cameras, but also with any analog, instead of two video adapters, it is allowed to install boards for digitizing CCTV cameras. Alas, they are still relevant in tasks that require real time. We still supply digitizers for both D1 and HD-SDI resolution cameras to our customers.

Thus, we offer not only sky-high software solutions based on some kind of artificial intelligence, but ready-made video servers for working with neural networks: take and use!

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