Twilight, dirt, reality... these conditions are the most frequent on our roads, and in these hard conditions we show how the car number recognition from the Speclab company works.

Our slogan "Reality!" is more important than ever in relation to neural networks – to algorithms for pattern recognition, which today is called artificial intelligence.


And immediately here it should be noted another reality – rarely when it is possible to put the camera correctly – without large angles of inclination to the object – in this case to the car number plate. Video surveillance specialists can immediately assess how the angles of installation of cameras are strong – at such values, few people can consider car number font from a moving car at high speed.


SpecLab provides a well-trained neural network for the most critical video monitoring conditions. And it is constantly improving.

Car number recognition SL-Trafic is supplied as part of a multi-functional security system GOALcity and can also be sold as a separate module for integration into any other system.


Price, as usual, below similar several times. Quality, as usual, is above all others. Well, you can consider it as an advertisement, but you can check. We are always ready for any testing and do not charge money for it.

We are now taking video from the streets of our city, so it is uneven, but still clearly seen that in these inhuman conditions 99% of the car numbers caught. On top the Event panel displays the location of the car number at the body of the vehicle as a video-rolik.

We work with car numbers all over the world. If it turns out that some country has introduced a new format of car number plate font, just send us examples – and we will add them to the car number recognition of SpecLab.

We are showing our car number detection in reality and for long period of time. Many firms demonstrate their technology, but a few show in reality and over a long period of time.