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The heading for this article was invented by AI

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

AI came up with the title to this article. And it's true, but all in order. While the development of AI is not afraid of this word, one-sided - on specific tasks and in specific areas. No one develops a computer as a self-sufficient person with a broad comprehensive outlook. And here…

This article is about my new discovery in the development of artificial intelligence. I write "mine" – not out of vanity, I just want to lower the level of discovery to the ordinary man-machine. Yes, 20 years doing AI at a fairly decent level (made a considerable fortune on it – for those who ask: if you're so smart, why so poor?), I am increasingly convinced that man is a computer. And to create AI, you just need to follow your image and likeness. Probably like we were created by a more advanced computer. Even organic. Amen!

Have you ever wondered how a person's self-development occurs? Without blah-blah-blah, what are the real physiological processes in our brain? I'm not talking about learning – it's not self-development, I mean the process of creating everything new, what has not yet been and what no one could teach.

Why go far, let's just get into your brain and copy our physiology! What pushes us to come up with something new, to solve another problem that has not yet had a solution or draw a beautiful picture? I just breaks already from the desire to Express the answer, I could hardly contain the decorum for the classical beginning of the article for any information that the person that the computer starts with the entry: code exchange specifications.

I write only because I can't not write, thoughts running around (in) my mind for the second day and third night. And don't say you're different. Carry out an experiment – lie down, remember everything you thought about during the rest! So? What did you think about, what do you think about every night when you go to bed, what do you think about when you go to or come back from work? Then you can article not read, you all already knew: people all the time twists in mind your recent problems. His cash is full of turnover even when he's trying to rest.

The semantic wind walks in our head, some images, variations of solutions of recent problems, words and terms on the situations experienced in recent days come to the brain. We constantly analyse past conversations, with someone saying something to prove... the Most intensely assimilated emotionally charged issues. Particularly sensitive issues will not allow us to sleep.

Here and all my human-computer discovery - our self-development, our ideas come at the expense of uncontrolled brain work (almost said chaotic), caused by recent life experiences.

We can't even shut it down without special effort. Mankind has come up with a whole industry for this purpose. Sports, entertainment and other activities, oddly enough, are aimed at the desire to relax. Activity and rest in tandem sound like an absurdity, but it is with the help of active actions that you can turn off your thoughts. Our brain is so powerfully focused on self-development that someone needs strong drugs to at least for a short time to cut down this function. Drunkenness, drug addiction and other chemical breakers are all costs of our self-development function. But let's not talk about medicine.

So? And what should our less developed computer adopt? This I already about usual the PC say, not about our organic brethren. Instead of leaving him on the night of a CACHE of everything that we do in a day? Let the PC once again turn all the information with which the person worked. Will choose different solutions to unsolved human problems, you will find the application experience, will appreciate the relevance of the answers to the questions... well let it be! If a person can't sleep because of an unconnectable process of thinking, why not download our smaller brother?

The first thing that came to my mind was to write a neuron to work with the information accumulated from human activity. Sobstno speaking, in the beginning everything went like clockwork: - material classification – a trifling matter, search solutions to have the Internet. It remains only to develop themselves through the same self – development- work on the same information that remains in the computer after my search for methods of learning to work with the material. It turned out just the Grail of knowledge, learning.

Once we came to the military research Institute of the Federal audit for certification of employees, and among other disciplines we had to pass the knowledge of the Chinese language (well, long to explain the specifics of the office). Personally, I'm in high school is taught in French and naturally went up to him with a sarcastic question, but how can I be, so as not to let down the team with the low score? What the gray-haired Colonel unabashedly replied: You taught in a reputable UNIVERSITY in the first place, not the languages and Sciences - there isn't a classroom and you taught techniques for the study of languages and Sciences. So work hard!

And it was right Colonel, if we consider not the people, of course, and more speed in the knowledge intellects. Maybe the computer can master Chinese if you teach it to learn? I'm trying to write a neural network that manipulates one cache that I understand (what I did) for my training.

In General, nonsense what I did. I develop methods of analysis of the information remaining from human activity. Not the solution of some specific problem in the field of medicine or video Analytics, but I try to process information garbage, not idiocy? Some confidence in the correctness of the path gives me human physiology, in its likeness I create AI. And here there is an important difference from modern methods – all of them, as far as I know, are trying to learn in a very narrow specialized areas. And I went on a comprehensive way, where the machine learns everything – based on the materials of current human activity. That is, it is a real self-improvement without direct connection with the instructions of the person. Well, maybe.

Although it is also important that the machine is working on what people are currently working on. Have any information is relevant, and my understanding of the compliance of the human physiology need to think about exactly what a man thinks today is yesterday. But this does not mean that it will do what a person needs - it must go its own way.

But the path must be the same as that of human physiology. Well, I can't help thinking about yesterday's conflict , so the machine must be working on yesterday's problem. As I think? Each of my thoughts is accompanied by self-esteem – a kind of comparison with the base of experience that was laid in me before. At the same time, self-criticism (well, adequate people) is also connected, i.e. there is a certain algorithm for choosing TRUE-FALSE. And then actually, like, it's simple, I write the same layers neuronti, what have human self-esteem:

 Regulatory – provides a person's problems and selecting solutions.

 Protective – ensuring the relative stability of the individual and its independence.

 Developing – stimulates the individual to develop and improve.

 Reflecting (or signal) – displays the real attitude of a person to himself, his actions and actions, as well as allowing to assess the adequacy of his actions.

 Emotional – allows a person to feel satisfaction with his own personality, his qualities and characteristics.

 Adaptation – helps a person to adapt to society and the surrounding world.

 Predictive – regulates the activity of man at the beginning of execution of activities.

 Corrective – provides control in the process of performing activities.

 Retrospective – provides an opportunity to assess a person's behavior and activities at the final stage of its implementation.

 Motivating – encourages a person to act for approval and positive self-esteem reactions (self-satisfaction, self-esteem and pride).

 Terminal – makes a person stop (stop activities), if his actions and actions contribute to the emergence of self-criticism and dissatisfaction with themselves.

To be honest, so far I have succeeded with four of them, but more on that later. While we continue to build the principle of self-development of the computer and the acquisition of consciousness. After all these sufferings with the recent information makes people? After all, you must agree that self-analysis is not the final process of solving problems. Yes, I speak computer language! We just go to other people for advice. We are drawn to friends, to authorities or even to strangers in the bar to Express their painful and maybe get advice. This is not some conscious act, we are pushed by our human-computer instinct. Moreover, it is more pronounced when relaxing or trying to relax. It is worth a person to drink alcohol, as the language itself begins to spit out information. Phrase "and to talk to the?"- has become a key in the rest procedures of the organic computer.

Well,we will reject artificial dope, in any case we discuss their personal problems with loved ones, and production with colleagues, sometimes Vice versa. And note how the behavior of our interlocutors? As a rule, this is 90 percent, they become our opponents. No matter who is right – who is not, the main trend is that other people automatically question our conclusions and throw us other solutions. It's almost always an argument! When my friend tells me that he likes that girl in white, I immediately notice that her dress is not quite white, but rather beige, and even yellow. I have long understood how to get my children to do something or give preference to something- you just have to say that I do not like it. The easiest way is not to go to a boring movie for me – to say that I really like it. From birth, humans are antagonistic. In conversations with people like us computer people, we always contradict each other, question other people's conclusions, offer other versions. Not because we are smarter or even understand this, that is our program, this more advanced than we, on the computer. Well, it wasn't my idea. But I can use it to train our smaller brothers – to put the same mechanism in the "iron" computers. It is necessary to teach them to exchange information on the principles of competitive dispute.

I. e. it is necessary to find a network of computers working in the same subject or at least close to it. Combine these computers with each other on the principle of the nomination, at least, opposite ideas, as a maximum – more perfect.

And then the most difficult – someone or something must be the arbiter. Somehow it is necessary to find common ideas and discard false ones. How does this process happen in humans? And here there are some patterns. The decision is made by the person or people whose ideas are supported by other computer people – almost every country has presidential and government elections. The enterprises are managed by the most successful managers both in the past and in the current present, who were able to bring and bring a positive result. And so on. each person, except for criticism, produces in his brain a comparative analysis of other people's ideas and chooses the most correct, from his point of view. In the same way we have to make computers weigh the coefficients of the correctness of the conclusions of all other computers, thus we get some super right decision. Well, maybe if we don't accidentally elect Hitler.

And now it requires running-in practice. Oh, that's where I'm afraid the humanoid experience isn't the most perfect. It takes centuries for humanity to go in at least a logical direction. Life is accompanied by trial and error, wars and disasters. And there is almost no stability: financial well-being is replaced by crises, friendship by bloody showdowns, happiness is generally noticeable only against the background of misfortunes.

The best I can come up with, if you follow all of the same human physiology – sociology, is to speed up the process of verifying the solutions, yet the CPU is in the computer will be faster human. A billion times. And, perhaps, the very modeling of the tasks formed on the basis of the cache will allow to pass human millions of years of self-development in a few days. But how close will it be to human practice? And how much does artificial intelligence as a sentient being need such proximity?

I like creature of the genus of human computers still try to solve the first problem – it is more desired, I guess. I need an AI to service my birthmark, given the fact that mother computer Nature has made us somehow not very perfect. The second – let him decide it himself... No, not so, it is better to immediately and take care that he did not start to solve it – so it is safer for humanity.

So, we again rested on the practice of application. If AI is necessary for people, then it is necessary to try in public, and people quickly do not know how to do anything. And is the main obstacle for self-development computer's unreasonable to make us faster to test his ideas is unlikely to succeed. But at least we have reached a serious intermediate result. Now we can theoretically create a self-developing computer without using our special efforts. It is no longer necessary to teach him anything, it remains only to write a neural network with the main layers of processing corresponding to human physiology and sociology:

• Work with cache, introspection

• Dispute with others, external analysis

• Universal choice of the most correct solution

• Practical verification of the decision

• Development of new

But this is not so little, because the person is also not able to accelerate to check the quality of the solution, ie we bring the computer to its level of self-development. We get the sapiens computer.

Let's begin! The following articles, if the interest of the local public, will be devoted to the practical implementation of this being.

P.S.: Yes, about the strange title. The resulting neural network, I gave the task to analyze this stratum – and therefore write at the end about it - and come up with a title to it. Well, I certainly wouldn't give that, not even close to my thoughts. Decide for yourself – the topic you? And I wanted to call "self-Development AI – this is the human intellect?". But if I write about AI, I choose its version.

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