Video statistics

on artificial intelligence


Automatic people counting, customer recordkeeping, tracking of customers through the store and goods, an indication of long queues, utilization of staff, the availability of goods on the shelves, selected statistics on the frequency of visits and time spent, sorting by regular people and new customers, the type of goods purchased, cost of purchases, number of cars in the Parking lot or at the car wash, occupancy of Parking areas, determination of number of seats available in the Parking lot... Even the number and size of shopping bags may be subject to analysis for neural networks SpecLab.



GOALcity video monitoring system has a versatile system of statistics on the account of people, cars, specific persons or specified vehicle numbers, which can be displayed in real time or historical data.

Statistical data generation is performed using neural networks that recognize images (silhouettes) of people, cars, animals, inanimate objects, as well as using the identification of persons, license plates, QR-codes, text data, parsing protocols of cash transactions…

The key to the accuracy of any statistics is the quality of research methods. Neural networks of the special Lab are able to recognize objects in conditions of powerful interference, with partial visibility, with the overlap of other objects, at any angles and in the dark.


In each video Analytics Panel, you can specify a template of the parameters required for accounting.

For example:


- The number of certain persons who have passed through the entrance, while searching the database search.

- The number of people who passed from the entrance and turned right, and separately those who turned left.


- The number of cars passing on the road in a given direction.

- The number of people who passed through the pedestrian crossing, which were not given way.

- The number of cars in the Parking lot.

- The number of vehicles serviced at the car wash.

For marketing research, it is possible to use both SpecLab`s own online interface and programs such as Excel and Access to upload offline. In addition, Speсlab is ready to create an individual interface for displaying any statistical data.

For marketing or security purposes, you can filter people and cars by numerous parameters, such as new visitors and those who or what have already been recorded by the system before. In this way, you can determine the impact of advertising on the emergence of new customers. Or calculate the dangerous contingent in social institutions, if suddenly there are new people.


Cameras can be installed in the usual way,


and with an overview from above.


Possible and mobile version - video surveillance on Board the car.


You can also upload offline videos from real objects to the analytical system SpecLab.

This is not only the basic statistics such as what persons or cars most often visit this area, at what time, how much it spend and so on. But it is possible to build combined algorithms, for example, the number of objects crossing the front border of the object in the direction of this object, but only those who previously went parallel to this border.


You can make a map of the activity, for example, places where the traffic intensity is highest, can be painted in red, medium-in yellow, weak-in green, none-not painted. Naturally, there are options. There are many types of maps, and they can vary in the long-term statistics.

The activity map can be adjusted more subtly, for example, only for faces or car numbers.

This activity map can be superimposed on the object of interest, thereby calculating the activity of persons or vehicles at each point. For example, in the trading floor it allows you to track how the attention of buyers is distributed on the trading shelves.


It is also possible to analyze thermal radiation when using a thermal imager.

The reports also include statistics on environmental control, which can be used to analyze changes in temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality and even radiation. Of particular importance is radiation monitoring, because for rehabilitation you need to know exactly the dose received. And it needs to be measured constantly and continuously. SpecLab allows you to synchronize the sensor readings with the record of certain persons and accurately set the received dose of radiation.


The richest sample of statistics is provided by the archive, in which data on all triggered algorithms, detection parameters in each frame, the functioning of sensors and various devices are written. Unloading of this data is carried out in the General user format of Excel, which can be used as statistics analysis.