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Very soon You will be hearing the term "Deep Learning" more often than the word "cosmos". Even if

you ban our subscription.

We deal with AI since it`s appeared, 50% of today's activity of the company is the development and training of neural networks. And because a lot of orders, and because it is interesting, and because it was possible to create a separate unit of unique programmers, we are not afraid to call the direction SpecLab professional.

It was found the way of multilateral scale. Necessary for the customer "intelligence" we produce probably the most a short time among similar companies of deep Learning. Huge amounts of images are prepared and processed in just a few weeks – thanks to a wide network of professional AI-specialists... The materials needed for machine learning are prepared in a matter of days – and this is valuable in a new race for artificial intelligence.

We develop neural networks with unique developers with 23 years of experience. Three of our programmers are among the TOP 10 programmers known by hackathons. And five more in the TOP 100. No, we have not started to collect regalia and medals and are not going to, SpecLab remains a "company from province"and is holding low prices. To date, SpecLab has in its Arsenal such neural networks, which are still trying to write almost all the developers in the field of video surveillance systems. And every month we produce new ones.

Our main theme is the development of neural networks of all kinds and in all areas. We can teach the machine to recognize almost any object that only humans can understand today. Therefore, we accept orders for any idea, even seemingly fantastic. Of course, R & d is always an uncertain result, but punctures (thank artificial intelligence!) not yet!

Quickly and for little money we will teach your device or program to automatically notice what is required in your production or household activities. We train as cheap devices on weak chips, and powerful computers with farms on NVIDIA video cards. Operating systems Windows, Linux, Android... – anyone preferences. Any complex task with a large number of identifiable objects is parallelized to a set of processor cores both CPU and CUDA.

In the AI market there are serious differences in developers. In general, neural networks are mainly based on the processing of images, recognition of figure in them. But Speclab came to this topic from video surveillance, where the main concept is VIDEO. Therefore, we not only identify objects, but also analyze their behavior over time.

Software is not enough, high-quality artificial intelligence requires high performance. Therefore, it is important that we can prepare the equipment. On the move it can not buy, when it comes to high-performance neural networks. We have mastered tensor cores, we complete our own video servers with a large number of graphics cards, reliability control systems... Well, to be honest, no one has ever seen anything like this! If you find it, please let us see.

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